NXT-9 X-Ray

One small step for you. One giant leap for your business.

NXT-9’s X-Ray assesses a business’ scalability across eight critical business disciplines. It’s AI engine identifies the critical gaps and provides actionable, customised recommendations to close them.

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    Watch our short video for an introduction to the X-Ray.

    Scaling a business is a multi-stage journey requiring mastery of eight business building disciplines:


    Follow the Path-to-Scale and design a scalable core business model in an attractive market.


    Build culture and management systems to execute your strategy.


    Recruit, retain and fully utilise remarkable people who thrive in your organisation.

    Board & Advisors

    Foster an executive team, board, advisors, and ‘smart-money’ investors.

    Sales & Marketing

    Develop scalable sales and marketing functions to predictably generate quality leads and repeat sales from sweet spot customers.


    Create operational processes and systems that systematically deliver delightful customer experiences.


    Maintain future proof financial management practices and make financially informed decisions.


    Be attractive to funders and build strong relationships with good investment partners.

    NXT-9’s X-Ray gives you the X-Ray vision and tools you need to quickly solve the causes of inertia, chaos and stress in your business.

    Assess your business fast

    Take our comprehensive online survey to know your Business Maturity Index (BMIx) score and readiness to scale. Bring clarity to confusion by identifying the real reasons your business isn’t scaling and accurately assess how to address them. Complete each survey section separately and receive your results immediately. You could be working on an action plan to solve your top priority weak links in 20 minutes!

    Create team cohesion

    Replace chaos with order by focusing your team on the right problems to solve in the right order, and aligning on the way forward, one step at a time.

    Get your business unstuck

    Use NXT-9’s specific and prioritised recommendations for your business to build a precise plan to reduce your sense of overwhelm, take action and start growing at scale. Assign accountability and set due dates where you can track it.

    Navigate your business growth

    Accelerate your growth by using our dynamic AI-powered recommendations to systematically update your plan, set new goals, track your progress and measure your performance on your scale-up journey.

    What CEOs are saying:

    Luvuyo Rani

    CEO – Silulo Ulutho Technologies

    “We recently completed a NXT-9 X-Ray which helped map out the exact areas we should focus on to grow the business. The feedback from the survey assisted us to make decisions regarding our manpower. The entire management team also devoted three hours a week on the NXT-9 Academy learning platform which assisted us to find alignment between our senior and functional teams.”

    Mark Allewell

    Founder – Sensor Networks

    “When we first met the NXT-9 team, Sensor Networks was a company of nine people working in an unstructured way. The NXT-9 programme provided the management team with deep insights into the business and helped us to focus on key aspects that were crucial for growth. Sensor Networks is now a 40-person team of diverse individuals, with a nationwide network of service-provider partners, built using a lot of the lessons from the NXT-9 X-Ray.”

    Here’s what you get when you sign-up:


    A powerful online platform to equip CEOs, their managment teams and business coaches to grow businesses at scale.


    NXT-9 X-Ray

    A powerful online tool to assess the root causes of business inertia, chaos and stress and generate specific, actionable and dynamic recommendations to address them.


    NXT-9 Academy

    A powerful online library of highly curated, just-in-time, know-how tools and templates to help CEOs, their managment teams and business coaches build great businesses.


    Resources to help you

    Knowledge Centre



    NXT-9 is the GPS navigation system to get business builders cruising. It comes with all the tools to help you achieve your moonshot.

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