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NXT-9’s mission and purpose: An interview with Jason Goldberg

By Lucinda Scholtz | March 20, 2023

“Our mission is to equip Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) and business coaches with the technology and support to confidently and quickly gear up.”
Jason Goldberg, NXT-9 Founder

Jason Goldberg is a CEO and serial entrepreneur with a strong focus on helping SMEs move from entrepreneurial ventures to professional, scaled organisations.

NXT-9’s basic premise is to use technology in helping Small- and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners to pinpoint why they are stuck and how to get their companies growing again with a clear, systematic plan. Jason Goldberg tells us more about NXT-9.

What is NXT-9?

NXT-9 is an intelligent AI platform that is extremely responsive allowing for rapid responses which then allows for corrective action to be implemented in a short space of time.

Through research and personal experience, we’ve found that the following are the most useful for SMEs that seek to grow:

(1) Capacitation through technology at an affordable price; and

(2) Building a platform that enables an entrepreneur and his/her teams to build a better company.

The good news is that NXT-9 is capable of doing this. This easy-to-use digital platform  seeks to make SMEs more effective by impacting their bottom line and making their businesses more profitable.

Why don’t most SMEs scale?

NXT-9’s experience, along with empirical research, indicates that most SMEs fail to scale, because there is a serious disconnect between the vision of the business and its current size, profitability, cash flow, staff retention and so on. So, the business experiences some degree of ‘stuckness’. Everything suddenly becomes hard. It’s overwhelming to feel that you are constantly fighting, but not gaining any ground in the business.  NXT-9 is designed exactly for this!

One of our most successful tools is the NXT-9 X-Ray. It’s like an MRI scan for a business. It uncovers issues within the business that are invisible to the naked eye.  The tool incorporates scientific algorithms which can analyse the root causes of ‘stuckness’ and then, with intelligent systems processing, identify and prioritise what needs to be tackled, in order of importance. So, you get to first and foremost address the most critical issues of your business as it currently operates. As you grow, these should change over time.

Apart from the SME owner, who else uses the NXT-9 solution?

We always advocate that the NXT-9 tool is used with the guidance of a qualified business coach. We find that as such, the NXT-9 digital platform is also the perfect business software for business coaches to augment as part of their toolkit for SME clients. We’re looking to enlarge the size of the business coach market by enabling them to build client loyalty and lifetime value with a clear coaching path.

Our proposition is that we seek to be a long-term partner to the business coach.

As partners we seek to:

  • Grow their business
  • Grow their client base
  • Grow their income
  • Grow the impact in the sector they operate in

With more than a decade of coaching experience, we know that when you on-board new clients, they expect high-impact results, fast. Identifying what to do first, however, is difficult and time-consuming. Our technology is geared to solve these pain points.

With business recovery post-Covid promising to be challenging, it’s important for SMEs and business coaches to have additional weapons in their arsenal for growth success. NXT-9 is a very effective tool, which stimulates a conversation around solutions for any ‘stuckness’. It translates a business vision into something tangible, putting business founders in control and empowering them to build great companies.