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Stay focused, aligned and effective with NXT-9’s QUEST operating system
Use NXT-9’s specialised software for:
Daily Goal Setting and Make Time Block Allocation
Having Weekly Review, Adjust, and Plan Meetings
Running Weekly Team Commitment Meetings
Real-time tracking of Individual and Team Performance Scores
Use NXT-9’s NAVIGATOR to avoid derailers and implement a plan to build your business
X-Ray your business for growth derailers
Access and dynamically update your X-Ray report, planning recommendations and progress scores
Develop and track tailored business building plans and initiatives
Real-time tracking of Individual and Team Performance Scores
Conquer your growth challenges with NXT-9’s CHALLENGE PLAYBOOKS
Successfully tackle new challenges when they arise.
Receive unlimited access to NXT-9’s curated library of the best business growth tools and know-how in one place.

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