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NXT-9’s online platform is built by CEOs and Business Coaches

to equip CEOs and Business Coaches to build great companies.

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    Business Scaling Software

    NXT-9’s mission is to help Small and Mid-size Enterprises achieve success, at scale, using world-class technologies.

    Born of an entrepreneurial spirit, NXT-9’s culture is built around being customer focused, taking ownership, collaborating as a team and driving exceptional performance.

    We work hard to continuously add new features to our products and improve those we have, so you can be more effective and grow your business.

    NXT-9’s senior team has extensive entrepreneurial, as well as coaching experience.

    Together, they have committed decades to solving the business challenges and supporting the dreams of entrepreneurial businesses that want to take their moon shot.

    Jason Goldberg

    Serial Entrepreneur with strong focus on helping enterprises move from entrepreneurial ventures to professional, scaled organisations.

    Jason Krause

    Elite Business Coach who has worked with over 125 scale-ups to formulate and implement robust growth strategies.

    Wayne Hartmann

    Business Development Professional and Coach who uses his know-how and empathy to help CEOs solve big challenges.

    Follow in their footsteps

    Building a great business is hard, most fail. It’s like shooting for the moon in a rocket with no windows and no navigation system.

    When you could grow your business with such clarity and confidence, using proven approaches and tools, why would you do it any other way?

    NXT-9. To the Moon.

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