NXT-9 for
Business Coaches

Supercharge your business coaching, with NXT-9’s super tools.

NXT-9 equips business coaches with great tools to scale their practice, while delivering valuable, lasting impact to their clients.

Steve Glass, Business Coach

Uses best-in-class products to grow his coaching business

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    NXT-9’s coaching platform levels you up with the best technology for coaches on the planet, supporting you to onboard your clients quicker and work with them for the long haul as you help them achieve their moonshot

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    Business Coach

    NXT-9 is the ideal business building software for your coaching practice.

    NXT-9’s world-class tools help you to onboard new clients quickly, deliver high-impact results early, add value to your clients longer, while systematically growing your own revenues.

    Stand Out

    from other coaches by leveling up with the world’s best tools.


    your sales cycle by identifying the root cause of your client’s pain points fast.


    awesome impact implementing the right solutions the first time.


    your knowledge and skills to stay relevant as your client grows.


    client loyalty and life time value with a clear coaching pathway.


    the hamster wheel by up-selling while you are delivering.


    annuity income by selling digital products you didn’t have to create.


    to a Coach Community to get support from a network of knowledgeable and skilled specialists.

    Business Coaches love using NXT-9 to grow their practices:

    Alistair Gordon

    Smart Enabling Technologies & Solutions

    “The NXT-9 X-Ray is the most powerful business diagnostic tool out there. As a business coach, I searched the globe to quickly assess a business’ strengths and weaknesses. I found nothing. My AHA moment came when I discovered NXT-9.”

    Wayne Hartmann

    H2 Business Consulting

    “I have been using the NXT-9 X-Ray for about five years and it gets me onto the right levers to add value for my clients very quickly. No messing about.”

    Ben Schoeman

    Business Game Changers

    “Built by entrepreneurs for elite coaches serious about really helping clients to scale responsibly and sustainably.”

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