Author: Lucinda Scholtz

The Big Picture: helping to define reality

What makes an entrepreneur successful? While there are many factors that lead to success, a large part of it is being able to make data-driven decisions, grounded in reality. At the risk of stating the obvious, entrepreneurs who make decisions without a clear understanding of the circumstances or decisions that are not backed by data

What does competitive advantage look like today?

According to Jorge Barba, entrepreneur and advisor, building competitive advantage is critical but evolving it is key. In today’s dynamic environment it is important for CEOs to understand that competitive advantage is not static, but rather about fluidity. Jorge talks about “strategy at the edge of chaos”. Our dynamic video summarises his views on the mindset all

Helping Entrepreneurs find ‘the Promised Land’

It goes without saying that entrepreneurs are passionate, driven, and innovative.  Where would we be without these dynamic, driven individuals who are trying to grow and positively impact their economies? That being said, why do so many entrepreneurial ventures never find the ‘Promised Land’? Why are businesses trapped in the wilderness and chaos of ‘No-Man’s