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An extraordinary tool for business coaches: An interview with Wayne Hartmann

By Lucinda Scholtz | March 20, 2023

“I have been using the NXT-9 X-Ray for about five years and it gets me onto the right levers to add value for my clients very quickly. No messing about.”
– Wayne Hartmann, H2 Business Consulting

“I have been using the NXT-9 X-Ray for about five years and it gets me onto the right levers to add value for my clients very quickly. No messing about.” – Wayne Hartmann, H2 Business Consulting

Business coaches often find it difficult to know what will add immediate value for their clients. Having access to user-friendly business software that accurately assesses business scale-up readiness, is a definite must in their arsenal to drive client success.

The NXT-9 X-Ray is said to be the best business diagnostic tool out there. It’s interactive and scalable and delivers top recommendations through an in-depth survey across eight important business building disciplines. By using the X-Ray, business coaches can confidently and quickly reveal what needs to be prioritised in a client’s business.

To explore how the X-Ray enables business coaches to point clients towards effective business growth, we interviewed Wayne Hartmann, owner of H2 Consulting and NXT-9 Coach Advocate.

Who is NXT-9?

The first astronauts to reach the moon were called the Next Nine. With strategic enquiry, accuracy, rigorous training and most importantly, inspired coaching, Neil Armstrong and his eight teammates succeeded. Just as these astronauts couldn’t have succeeded without the support of a well-equipped and experienced coach, neither can CEOs achieve their dreams without guidance.

NXT-9’s mission is to equip business coaches with the technology and support to confidently and quickly gear up entrepreneurial businesses to take their own momentous moon shots.

How does the NXT-9 X-Ray diagnostic tool work for business coaches?

It helps you identify why your client’s business isn’t growing and what to do about it fast! It’s an extraordinary tool – its in-depth survey, supported by smart algorithms, indicates weaknesses within the business. The solution provides an AI generated list of top-priority needs linked to immediate and actionable recommendations without overwhelming the user.

The decisions made by utilising the X-Ray tool are mission critical. Growing businesses often have limited resources, whether it’s cash, staff or time, which means you need to carefully select where to expend energy. It is very important to know the right time when to focus on different sectors of the business. The X-Ray tool clarifies this, allowing for accurate actions at the right time.

The NXT-9 X-Ray is completed by your client – then what?

The coach receives a notification once his or her client has completed the X-Ray. You will then be able to review and customise the list of AI-generated recommendations based on the outcome of the survey. During your coaching sessions with clients, you will be able to focus on priority steps to be taken for business scale-up, working through each discipline from strategy, execution, people, board and advisors through to sales and marketing, operations, finance and capital. By allowing the business owner to hone in on challenges quickly, means a rapid response can be implemented, saving time and money!

Can clients be resistant to the NXT-9 X-Ray tool?

Experience has taught me that clients may only see the problem areas outlined in the X-Ray and feel disheartened or disappointed. Part of being a business coach is to ensure that clients realise this is a tool to be utilised to find the issues and allow for correction. It is not an expression of judgement, but rather an opportunity to focus on the journey of the business – not the individual’s journey.

It is important to use empathy and kindness, and to allow your client to understand that it’s part of the journey to discover the overall Business Maturity Index (BMIx) score and readiness to scale. It’s an opportunity to figure out where the business currently stands. And a way to figure out where the business needs to be to scale up.

It is also the business coach’s role to inspire the client and to motivate the embattled CEO to maintain objectivity during the assessment process.

The X-Ray also has a track and update feature that enables tracking of business progress with the BMIx. This give the enterprise owner insight into if their business is indeed growing, and the ability to update actions to achieve success.

Gaining an advantage

Wayne notes that one of the core mindsets that comes with applying the X-Ray tool is that it allows for CEO to focus on what’s important at this moment in their business journey with clarity. It seems simple, but it is a distinct and important competitive advantage for any business.

It’s also an opportunity to assist the business coach client with implementing best practice, which impacts the best possible ways of working to achieve the best possible outcomes. This allows for cementing the coaching relationship, building even more trust and ensuring that you become an integral part of your client’s business journey to success.