NXT-9 Academy

Take aim for the moon. With the right stuff.

NXT-9’s Academy provides CEOs, their management teams and business coaches with the curated know-how and tools they need to grow their business just-in-time.

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    Watch our short video for an introduction to the Academy.

    Our smart NXT-9 Academy equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to implement NXT-9’s recommendations at each stage of your journey.

    Our Academy content is linked to the NXT-9 X-Ray’s recommendations, providing CEOs, their management teams and business coaches with highly curated, on the job knowledge resources at just the right time, when they need it.

    NXT-9’s Academy has the best just-in-time business building content from the greatest minds on scaling business growth, all in one place. We are constantly curating our Academy with world-class content so you can:

    Implement your recommendations

    Unlike a content library, our S:AGE feature gives you just-in-time content and tools specific to the initiatives you are running based on your X-Ray recommendations.

    Develop your skills

    Use our digital courses to develop tailored learning and development plans for you and your managers linked to your business building priorities.

    Improve your management habits

    Use our digital courses as step-by-step guides to habituate management practices into your management team that will unlock exceptional performance.

    Learn from best practices

    Use our knowledge libarary of over 120 world-class nano books, articles and videos to grow your knowledge so you and your business can keep moving forward. 

    Deep-dive into our NXT-9 Academy for
    competence building:

    Justin Coetzee

    CEO – GoMetro

    “The NXT-9 X-Ray tool is an effective and practical approach to coaching and aligning our management team around the common goal of developing an incredible Asset of Value. The new features and online platform allow us to use the X-Ray as a continuous improvement tool. The knowledge base coursework in the NXT-9 Academy alone is worth the subscription, as it helps us develop a common language and train our management team in 10X thinking.”

    Chris Craddock

    CEO – Prescient Securities

    “The programs have been invaluable in forcing participants to work on the business in addition to working in the business. The programs and access to expertise have provided objective perspectives and it has been a great way of keeping senior management accountable. In particular, the NXT-9 Academy is an invaluable reference guide to revert back to.”

    Here’s what you get when you sign-up:


    A powerful online platform to equip CEOs, their management teams and business coaches to grow businesses at scale.


    NXT-9 X-Ray

    A powerful online tool to assess the root causes of business inertia, chaos and stress and generate specific, actionable and dynamic recommendations to address them.


    NXT-9 Academy

    A powerful online library of highly curated, just-in-time, know-how tools and templates to help CEOs, their management teams and business coaches build great businesses.


    Resources to help you

    Knowledge Centre



    NXT-9 is the GPS navigation system to get business builders cruising. It comes with all the tools to help you achieve your moonshot.

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