NXT-9 for Business Enterprises

Nail your moonshot, with NXT-9’s turn-by-turn directions.

It is our mission to help every CEO and management team find their cruise control so they build great businesses and realise their dreams.

Maria Hart, CEO

Growing her business towards the “promised land”

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    Less than 1% of entrepreneurs build the companies of their dreams.

    Successful CEOs want to build great businesses they love working in, achieve their goals and allow them to pursue their passions.

    Nearly all experience the opposite. They end up being overwhelmed by daily chaos, over-stretched, constantly fire-fighting and stressed by a business that is under-performing with no way out.

    That’s exactly why we built NXT-9: to put CEOs in cruise control, empowering them to build great companies.

    1. Use NXT-9’s X-Ray to diagnose your business fast

    Bring order to chaos by quickly identifying the real reasons your business isn’t growing and accurately assessing how to solve them.

    2. Use NXT-9’s divergence analysis to create team alignment

    Bring clarity to confusion by focusing your management team on the right problems to solve and aligning them to the way forward.

    3. Use NXT-9’s recommendations to get your business unstuck

    Use NXT-9’s tailored and prioritised recommendations to build a high precision plan to reduce the overwhelm and start growing.

    4. Use NXT-9’s dynamic updates to scale systematically

    Accelerate your growth by constantly updating your plan, setting new, measurable goals and tracking your progress.

    5. Use NXT-9’s smart Academy to grow yourself and your team

    Use our recommendation-linked guides, tools and templates to accelerate your learning to stay in control.

    Senior business teams love using NXT-9’s software:

    Matt Schiller

    COO – KOKO Networks

    “The NXT-9 X-Ray is a fantastic way to get a quick pulse on your organisational health and it highlights strengths and improvement areas.”

    Madaleen van der Walt

    Marketing Leader – Solarise Africa

    “NXT-9 guided us through a process that really worked and helped us to get to the heart of what we needed to do. Our team is now achieving consistent milestones and measurable outcomes so that we can concentrate on the targets that matter.”

    Greg Pokroy

    CEO – JAYCOR International

    “Since onboarding the NXT-9 philosophy and methodology, not only does our business have clarity of the stage of growth we are in, but also a clearly defined and accelerated roadmap and path-to-scale. The team’s sense of achievement in ticking strategic boxes, moving the needle at an accelerated pace, and delivering results have uplifted our business to new heights.” 

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