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In partnership with capacity builders globally NXT-9 uses AI to grow businesses fast  

By Lucinda Scholtz | June 5, 2023

Edge Growth, a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) capacity building and impact investment company based in South Africa, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled online business growth platform called NXT-9.

NXT-9’s goal is to solve the problem of how to scale impact fast.

The proprietary tool has been built to support capacity builders who want to deliver high impact technical assistance at scale.

Improved efficiency and time management

NXT-9 aims to partner with capacity builders to solve their number one problem:the ability to quickly develop, implement, track and dynamically update accurate and actionable business building plans that successfully scale business growth.  The AI engine that drives the tool makes it fast and effective. The speed at which it generates a hyper-customised report eliminates all the time that previously has been wasted waiting for a business diagnostic to be completed. This will free up capacity builders’ time so they can focus on value creation.

Says NXT-9 co-founder Jason Goldberg, “Imagine as a capacity builder launching a program to support 100 small businesses over the next few months. Theoretically with NXT-9, within just two hours of starting, you can obtain a comprehensive diagnostic, a version-one scale-up plan, and a fully tailored learning plan for each manager in all 100 businesses.”

Unparalleled accuracy and agility

In addition, the tool is exceptionally comprehensive with eight business disciplines and nearly 250 practices being assessed. To achieve this, NXT-9 has leveraged over a decade of working with SMEs and business growth coaches to ensure that the content programmed into the business growth tool is relevant and accurate. This means that for capacity builders, they can be certain that their root cause analysis is accurate.

The business building plan that is generated is smart. The resources that are provided to support the implementation are linked directly to the plan so only relevant support is provided.  The plan is also responsive. As the business implements the plan, NXT-9’s AI engine updates both the plan and the support provided to equip the client with the right tools to solve the next prioritised business problem and to keep scaling.  This makes the tool a globally unique platform. For capacity builders, this will remove a lot of project administration costs and time spent on manual updates.

Affordable and high-value implementation tools

NXT-9 has gone out of their way to develop a tool that is affordable in the market. Says Goldberg, “We have purposely positioned it to be affordable to scale-up companies globally so that it is easy for capacity builders to partner with NXT-9 and augment their offering with this tool. This means they can then focus on delivering high impact at scale instead of worrying about the cost of implementation tools.”

Using AI technology, NXT-9 has managed to solve speed of diagnostic, robustness and accuracy of output, and just-in-time delivery of content that is customised and relevant. NXT-9 is confident that this world-class tool will add enormous value to capacity builders globally.

Capacity builders, as well as business coaches, can the page here to experience the platform or schedule a meeting with NXT-9’s Coach Advocate for a free demo, and to receive any further guidance and support needed. All business growth content is freely available to capacity builders.