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NXT-9 X-Ray A formidable business diagnostic tool

By Lucinda Scholtz | March 20, 2023

”We believe that the NXT-9 X-Ray is the benchmark for online diagnostic tools in the Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME) market, world-wide.”
Jason Goldberg, NXT-9 Founder

The NXT-9 X-Ray examines a business to understand its strengths and weaknesses and is a rapid pathfinder for SME owners to pinpoint challenging areas, after which they receive actionable, prioritised recommendations.

The X-Ray is powerful

X-Ray allows for accurate, granular insight into SMEs that is actionable. We use the term “granular”, because it means to be composed of many small elements, and that is what all businesses are composed of.

X-Ray examines the eight important business building disciplines of a SME, which when they are effective, create successful scalable businesses. By analysing each discipline, sectors of the business that are functioning well are showcased, and the problem areas are highlighted. The eight disciplines are: Strategy; Execution (management systems); People (HR, skills); External Support (board, investors, advisors); Sales and Marketing; Operations; Capital (how you fund your SME) and Financial Management.

Another reason the X-Ray tool works so well is because it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for business. NXT-9 understands that each SME is unique with its own quirks and foibles. As such, it’s also important to appreciate that the tool is company lifecycle stage and complexity specific. So, if your business is only six months old and employs three people, it will be significantly different to a business that is three years old with 200 employees.

The X-Ray’s features

The X-Ray examines where your business should be based on stage, size and complexity. It looks at the overall Business Maturity Index (BMIx) score with regards to the various business practices measured.

The X-Ray also considers where the SME’s CEO and senior teams think their business is in its lifecycle stage. For instance, are you happy with your strategy? Is your marketing up to scratch? Are you happy with HR management?

Finally, the tool measures where the business actually is with regards all these management practices.

By utilising the results from the BMIx score, discipline levels and management practice, the X-Ray provides quick, accurate business intelligence and actionable outcomes with prioritisation. This is particularly useful for qualified business coaches, as they have additional insights that can be added to this process for each client.

The science behind the X-Ray

The X-Ray is an exceptionally meticulous tool. As an intelligent AI platform, it offers an in-depth survey, supported by smart algorithms. The tool assesses 250 business practises across the eight business disciplines, and this ensures the specificity of results.

Due to human bias, inexperience and even blind spots within management, it may cast a survey’s accuracy into doubt. In order to assure precision, NXT-9 designed the X-Ray to require a calibrated response to each question. For example:

Question: Tell us which of these best describes the strategy in your business.
Answer: You get to select one of five detailed qualitative statements of how you might be doing this.

This allows the SME to identify where they are at, without overthinking or personal bias. With the addition of an experienced business coach as an external, impartial source, it becomes a powerful tool for reviewing business reality.

NXT-9 also encourages SMEs to seek multi-user input. Getting various players within the business to be a part of the process enables triangulation on alignment regards to how good you are at something. Importantly, there may be divergence with the Q&As. This is valuable information and data for the algorithm to process, as again, this allows for accuracy of results, which lead to precision outcomes.

The X-Ray produces an AI generated list of top priority needs linked to immediate and actionable recommendations without overwhelming the SME. It’s a formidable instrument that a business coach can leverage for excellent outcomes for SME clients.

The X-Ray as benchmark

Human-led diagnostics are often expensive and time consuming for SMEs. Results are often only available after a long interval.

The X-Ray has a number of differentiating factors:

  • It is not expensive.
  • It isn’t time consuming, cumbersome or slow.
  • The results are instantaneous per discipline, and most importantly, they are useful and actionable within the business.
  • And, on top of that, this analytical instrument is scalable. Its very nature is ideal for any SME business or reputable business coach to implement.

The X-Ray is the best, fastest and most accurate online diagnostic tool to enable a SME to thrive and grow.